Electronic Access Control Systems

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When thinking of the various ways to keep your commercial property as secure as possible, you will most likely turn your attention to aspects such as CCTV, and whilst this is an incredibly important installation, there is another element to ensure your security package is the best it can be.

Access control systems from the professional team here at MR Fire and Security give you excellent levels of security through only allowing authorised staff and visitors into the building; so for a system you can trust, call upon our expert service on every occasion.

We work incredibly hard to design, install and create an electronic access control solution that suits your every need and preference.

We offer different ranges of access control designed to suit many property types. The compact range is a simple yet effective design that benefits from easy installation and maintenance needing only a power supply and lock to deliver reliable results.

Areas in need of the ultimate protection such as schools and blocks of flats may wish to consider the installation of the superior Switch2 range suitable for both internal and external doors.

This particular system boasts a separate control unit and reader that can be located well away from each other to reduce the risk of potential intruders tampering with the device.

The Net2 range is an advanced system designed for large business premises that require controlled access to hundreds of doors within the setting.

Our innovative software means that access can be tailored to each and every staff member, which can easily be altered as certain staff progress within the company and need to access different areas.

There are many ways to ensure your business operates within the safest surroundings possible, from our range of advanced security systems to the installation of commercial fencing around the perimeters of the premises.

If you would like to know more about the wide range of security systems the proficient and approachable team here at MR Fire and Security are able to design and install including access control solutions, simply search our website today.